Minutes of the Last VHCA Meeting

February 2013

These minutes were approved at the April meeting. The minutes from the April meeting will be posted in March.

At 8:43 PM, President Ralph Zecca called the meeting of the Virginia Hills Citizens Association (VHCA) to order at the Old Virginia Hills School after the presentations by Ms. Tammy Derenak-Kaufax, Lee District School Board Representative, and Ms. Linda Waller of Lee DIstrict Supervisor Jeff McKay's Office. It should be noted that Ms. Waller's presentation was last minute to address concerns raised about the recent acquisition of 6505 Hillview Avenue by Fairfax County.

Officer Reports

Vice President's Report:  Lee District Supervisor Supervisor Jeff McKay will possibly be the VHCA speaker for the June meeting.

Treasurer's Report:  VHCA has a balance of $3,240.70 and a credit of $10.69 from Dominion Power. A comparative analysis of VHCA income and spending is hoped to be established by next meeting.

Membership Report:  President Zecca stated that current membership for 2012-13 was at 66 houses.

Echo Editor's Report:  It cost $444.43 to print, and took in $457.50, for a net gain of $13.07.

Old Business:  None

New Business:

Mr. Zecca discussed the recent acquisition of 6505 Hillview Avenue by Fairfax County. To better understand the implications of this acquisition and alleviate concerns, it was decided that a speaker from Resources for Independence of Virginia (RIVA) should be invited to the April 09, 2013 meeting.

Mr. Zecca highlighted the need for a secretary. It was recommended by Mr. Jim McCracken that his neighbor may be interested in the position.

Mr. Boulter reminded members that there is still a need for Echo delivery people.

Mr. Doug Boulter, who serves on the Lee District Land Use Committee, discussed how the developers behind Springfield Mall redevelopment asked for a waiver in order to place signs around the mall. The committee requested further information and details before a decision can be made. Mr. Boulter then discussed how Kay Jennings Toyota is moving to Loisdale Road. However, before the move, an environmental issues need to be addressed. The current proposal has a section indicating that a portion of the land may be sold off to Heritage Auto, but Mr. Boulter stated that was unlikely given the release of methane gas from the suggested site. Finally, Mr. Boulter addressed the proposal for the Jefferson Manor area. This proposal was highlighted in the Echo, but there are concerns with the influx of 1,200 apartments and how it may impact the traffic in the area.

President's Announcements:

President Zecca brought up the issue of membership cards. Currently there is only one restaurant that actually offers a discount, which is not used by many members. Therefore, he proposed stopping the practice of issuing membership cards. However, cards will be issued to members upon request. President Zecca also highlighted that if a volunteer would like to reach out to local businesses and see if these businesses care to offer discounts, the membership card may be again distributed to all members.

Announcements From the Floor:  None

The meeting was adjourned at 9:08 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Ralph Zecca, President