Minutes of the Last VHCA Meeting

April 2015

These draft minutes will be submitted to the membership for approval at the June meeting.

At 7:34 PM on April 14th, 2015, President Warren Suyderhoud called the meeting of the Virginia Hills Citizens Association (VHCA) to order at the Old Virginia Hills School.


The February 2015 meeting minutes were unanimously approved.

Officer Reports

Vice President's Report:  Vice President Ralph Zecca apologized that there was not a speaker for the meeting and asked for ideas for a speaker for the upcoming June 16th meeting.

Treasurer's Report:  Treasurer Robin Jones reported a balance of $1,896.63 in the treasury and a Dominion Power credit of $22.89. Doug Boulter asked why the balance was lower. Robin replied that the advertising revenue had not yet been deposited. Also, Robin reported that there was an issue with our bank, BB&T, where, even though we have copies of all the checks for membership dues, they have no record of the deposit Robin made and they are refusing to honor the checks. Robin was planning on going back to the 23 members whose dues were affected and asking them for another check, but Mr. Boulter also suggested a letter to the bank from VHCA.

Membership Report:  Membership Director Akiko Zecca indicated that the current membership was at 120 households, which means the VHCA minimum goal has been met.

Echo Editor's Report:  Echo Editor Leah Buckley reported that there was a profit of $77.62 from this printing of the Echo. The cost was $544.88 and the income was $622.50. Doug Boulter, former Echo Editor, congratulated Ms. Buckley on the 12 page Echo—apparently this is almost unheard of. Also, Ms. Buckley noted a correction to the Echo—Fairfax County is not spraying for cankerworm in Virginia Hills this year.

Old Business:  None

New Business:

Yard Sale—notice for this community event will be put in the June Echo and again in the September Echo.

President's Announcements:  None

Discussion from the Floor

Doug Boulter brought up the issue mentioned in the Treasurer's report about the BB&T situation. He strongly suggested that VHCA send a letter to BB&T expressing our disappointment. Ed Zahrobsky suggested sending it directly to Kelly King, the President of BB&T. Jim McCracken suggested we ask BB&T pay for the postage VHCA has had to expend on this mistake.

Also, Doug Boulter recommended that VHCA put a measure in place in case we are unable to meet in the future to approve the budget due to the pressing need for D&O insurance. He suggested that a vote be taken at the June meeting to approve the amount required with an allowance for a modest increase from the previous year's amount.

Announcements From the Floor:

Land Use Committee Updates:

President Suyderhoud asked Doug Boulter, the Association's Land Use Committee representative, to discuss recent land use issues. Mr. Boulter named the following recent issues:

Other Miscellaneous Business

George Alloway asked about the property on South Kings Highway that is for sale (near St. Mark's Church). This lot could have 2 more houses than it currently does due the acreage, No one had an update.

Ralph Zecca asked about recommendations for speakers for the next meeting. Both Ms.Leah Buckley and Juliana Sharp asked for a gardener.

Finally, the VHCA discussed the possibility of a community event, possibly an ice cream social or a community gathering at the Virginia Hills Pool if we could rent it out.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:28 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Juliana Sharp, Secretary