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Information for Advertisers

The Virginia Hills Echo circulates five times a year, in February, April, June, September, and December, to the more than 855 households in Virginia Hills, to our advertisers, and to friends, making a total circulation of about 875.

Ad deadlines are roughly the end of the third week of the month prior to publication. For example, the deadline for the February issue would be roughly the Friday of the third week in January.

To advertise in the print version of the Echo, contact our Advertising Manager by e-mail or c/o the Association at the address below. Rates per issue are:

Type Size Per Issue
Five Issue Discount Price

The Back Page 7.5" x 10" $90.00 $425.00
Full Page 7.5" x 10" $85.00 $400.00
Half Page 7.5" x 5" $45.00 $212.50
Quarter Page 3.5" x 5" $35.00 $162.50
Business Card 3.5" x 2" $15.00  $70.00

The preferred formats for ads include Adobe PDF or MS Word. If your ad contains an image or images, the image(s) should also be provided separately in any standard image format; .JPG, .PNG, or .TIF are preferred. E-mail these to the Advertising Manager.

You may provide a paper copy of your ad instead. However, for the best appearance of your ad, you should also provide us with the actual photograph (in color or black and white) or any image in the ad.

The Virginia Hills Citizens Association can provide some graphics assistance on ads for long-term advertisers. The Echo staff will do what it can to ensure your ad looks good and prints well. We recommend the following:

The Echo reserves the right to alter ads for visual clarity and to reject on a case-by-case basis business card-sized ads that contain too much text and too little white space or contain images too small to render clearly.

Send payment for ads to the post office box listed below to the attention of the Advertising Manager. First-time advertisers must submit payment on or before the ad deadline for that issue.